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State of the Notion

NOTE: This post predates this project’s rename to Volta.

Notion is a JavaScript toolchain manager, making sure you always get the right version of Node, package managers like npm and Yarn, and JS command-line tools. Best of all, Notion makes tool requirements declarative and reproducible by using package.json to remember and launch the right versions of a project’s required tools, so developers and users always see their projects build and run in a consistent environment.

What’s new?

Lots of good stuff is happening—I can feel the momentum picking up!

What’s next?

Some of the big things I think we need to tackle next are:

  • Get the work I mentioned done, of course!
  • Take another pass at the Unix installation scripts and make them more robust for all shells.
  • Get the Windows installer working.
  • Make the shims more robust (signal handling, shim name detection logic).
  • Easier self-update workflow.
  • Get lots of user input and address whatever issues come up!